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N3 GNSS Receiver


Featuring 1198 channels of tracking all running and planned constellations, enhanced UHF for up to 15km working range, improved high precision IMU, low power consumption and over 24 hours working time, the N3 receiver making it work-efficient and energy-saving for your survey tasks.


T30 IMU GNSS Receiver


With built-in IMU engine, full-constellation tracking capability, 4G/WiFi/Bluetooth® connection and easy survey workflow with Android-based Survey Master Software, the T30 IMU GNSS receiver is an ideal choice for your survey task.

T300 Plus GNSS Receiver


The T300 Plus GNSS Receiver is a new generation RTK receiver featuring full-constellation tracking, tilt compensation and easy workflow with Android-based Survey Master software, for centimeter accuracy survey on demand.

N5 GNSS Receiver


Embedded with IMU engine, upgraded with K8-platform for full constellation tracking, and equipped with long-ran enhanced UHF, user-friendly OLED display, 6800mAh large Li-battery, N5 GNSS receiver provides a more convenient, reliable, and efficient experience for field workers, especially when working together with Survey Master data collection software.