national grid

A major feat of engineering has been achieved as an 18-month project to create a tunnel under the River Humber has been completed.

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Date: June 2021

The National Grid project has seen a huge 510-tone machine called Mary, bore 30 metres under the river to connect both of its banks.

The 5km tunnel is to house a replacement gas pipeline, connecting Goxhill in North Lincolnshire to Paull in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

It will carry a vital pipeline which will be able to provide up to 25 per cent Britain’s gas supplies.

Mary, the size of approximately 11 double-decker buses, left Goxhill on the south bank in early 2018 and broke through into a specially constructed shaft at Paull.

During her journey, she has excavated 160,000 tonnes of material – mostly chalk – creating a tunnel more than 3.5 metres in diameter.