Intelligence project management over saw the general development of the first private network of GNSS reference stations to cover the vast majority of the United Kingdom. Intelligent project management continues to monitor the quality output of the data generated and stored on intelligence project managements in-house server and has full use of our information technology infrastructure.

RTK corrections service based on physical refence stations across the UK offer on average <10mm horizontal axis positional accuracy and <15mm vertical axis positional accuracy. Continuous quality control takes place, along with additional reference stations and additional constellations.

Pricing structure can be tailored to your company’s needs

  • Daily pricing plans start at £8.00
  • Weekly pricing starts at £27.50
  • Monthly pricing plans start at £85.00
  • Annual pricing starts at £820
  • Returning customers earn loyalty bonus.

Referral system in place, if you like what we do recommend a friend and receive £5 off your next purchase, refer enough friends and you can get your corrections for free for as long as your referrals subscribe!

GNSS correction service